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One More Reason To Hate Mondays

New comic is up! Check it out!

Yes, updates are resuming. Sorry about the projects and exams are a bitch.

As you may have noticed, the comic info states that Rockstars FTW updates just on Monday now, as opposed to the previous M/W/F schedule. The reasons for this are numerous.

For a while, doing the comic became almost...a chore. I mean, I love doing it, but deadlines are a bitch, and with all the other stuff I'm committed to doing, it just became another thing that I HAD to do. I don't want that. This is a hobby, not a job, and for it to consume my life is...well, not good. Hopefully,, by doing one a week, I may maintain the love for it while getting rid of any real feelings of obligation.

Also, I'm working and going to school, and well, school's gotta come first. I'd also like to explore some other side projects, if I can.

The artwork is another reason. 3 comics a week left me almost no time to DRAW the comics, and if I was late with a script...fuck, I was screwed. With one update a week, I hope to be able to spend more time per strip, thus improving the quality of art. I'm going for quality over quantity.

I would apologize for any inconveniences, but that wouldn't be very "rock star" like.



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